Our Nest

Our Forever Home 

    Our new home where we can smell roses is our perfect place.  It's just right for us.  It's a blessing.

Johnny's Bedroom 

Macy's Bedroom 

 Master Bedroom 

Our First Home 

Come on in and stay awhile...but as you look around keep in mind we live in an 86 year old house!  You will notice there are many bumps and bruises that we are still trying to polish and make our own but it has come along way since June of 2010 when we finally stepped foot in our first home!


When I saw this kitchen I knew {at first sight} that it was exactly the opposite of what I wanted in my "dream" kitchen.  In our before picture you can tell it felt smaller than it really was and it needed a major face-lift.     

We stripped wallpaper, painted cabinets, received new appliances {for Christmas, thanks moms and dads}, added blinds and curtains, painted the walls a bright sunny yellow, and added updated cabinets and drawer pulls.  For now, here is our "dream" kitchen and our after.  

Family Room 

The family room that we inherited was bland and half painted.  The old owners also felt the need to leave us their beautiful {dingy} green curtains.  Here it is before we moved in and took over decorating privileges.    

We were able to really add some life to this room!  We added a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim, added a rug, and changed out the curtains for a much more "comfortable" after.  We do still plan to add some built-ins on either side of the fireplace.  That is our next mission!

Dining Room

I loved the color in our dining room when we moved in.  But the more I looked at it the more I realized my very subtle color scheme could not handle it. If I had other colors in the house that went with this rich/dark color or an idea about what to do as far as decorating the rest of it I would have left it.  But I didn't...here it is before...

Johnny patched our walls like a crazy person!  We had so many cracks in our "oh-so-lovable" plaster walls...

 With a little bit of paint our new dining room matched the color scheme throughout and once it was completely finished I realized it was my favorite color of all the colors we had chosen.  It became my favorite room and I included a quote on the wall that I waited forever to put up!  We are still working on curtains but this was an exciting moment for me when I saw this after!


The hallway was one of the first things I wanted to paint.  It was a VERY ugly Tennessee orange (no offense, my TN friends...I just couldn't take it plastered all over my hallway!)  The before picture speaks for itself.

Here it is with just the primer.  It looks better already.  

I took care of completing this project while Johnny was out of town one weekend.  It was a big job by myself but it was well worth it in the end when I compared this after picture to the before!


Our bathroom was blue.  I could tell you more but really sea shell wallpaper and the color blue describe it perfectly.  Take a look at the before.  (it may be hard to see but it also had a HUGE three panel mirror/medicine cabinet/light in the center that ended up revealing a hole when we removed it...just something else to fix.)  

 The after is the much cleaner and newer look we were going for.  We ended up keeping the tile and (shell) sink just to keep from going overboard on the check writing extravaganza we had started.  We decided to spruce up what we had with a few Home Goods/TJ Maxx finds for the time being.

Master Bedroom

When you look at the before picture there really isn't much to it.  Here you go...our "master bedroom"

When we got our hands on it we decided blue was a soothing and much needed color in the entire house scheme.  So blue it was for the bedroom.  This has been an evolution, but as of right now here is our after.

Images by Freepik