Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our New Addition

Scout Gesenhues is a very playful puppy. He is a 6 month old Cocka-Poo and while he begs for someone to play with him he also lays down right next to you when it is time to rest! He is the perfect little puppy for our family. Here is his story so far...

Johnny called me while I was at school Friday afternoon and said, "I have been wanting to surprise you with something, but I wasn't sure this was a decision I should make on my own..." So long story short, we went together to get our first glimpse of the very loveable puppy. We fell in love and immediately agreed he would fit in well at the Gesehues' home.

Pet Smart was in our immediate future. We had nothing for a dog and knew nothing about our dog...so begins this adventure into parenting. So far we are doing pretty good! We purchased all the necessities. He seemed pretty happy in the cart too.

The second we got home we was exhausted. He laid down in the middle of the floor and watched t.v. with us for the rest of the night. There was no chewing, biting, or bathroom using in this house. He seemed perfect!

Our first night was great. He slept through the night until around 5:30 and decided if he was up, everyone needed to be up. We quickly took him outside so he could take care of business and then took a quick walk. Later that afternoon he even helped us clean the house. (It looks like both the boys were playing while someone else was cleaning...) He knew we were having visitors and couldn't wait to see everyone.

Saturday came and went and all the visitors passed through the house. Scout loved every minute of it! The last day of our weekend had arrived and it proved to be a day of kennel training and the Bengals game. We want him to be comfortable in a kennel while we are gone for the day so we practiced on Sunday morning while we were gone to church. You would have thought we were locking someone up in a closet! We couldn't hardly stand it! We came straight home after church and took him on a walk so he wouldn't hate us!

That afternoon we grilled hotdogs and watched the Bengals game. Uncle Jim even got him a Bengals collar to wear for the games. We has a lot of fun.

The game bored him as much as it did me. We decided to just rest our eyes...

It wasn't long before Sunday night arrived and we attempted a bath. We were successful at getting him wet...how clean he got is up for debate...

Overall, our first weekend together was a lot of fun and we are glad Scout is a part of our family. We can't wait for his grandparents and aunt and uncle to meet him.


  1. Dear Mrs. G,
    I saw your pictures. They were very cute. I learned all about Scout getting a Bengals collar. Does Scout wear his Bengals collar everyday? I think he is really cute, and I bet he is really fluffy! I bet Rupp would love to have a friend like that. You and Scout can come over for a playdate. (You'll have to ask Mommy first.)

  2. Dear Gracie,

    I am so glad you wrote! Scout does not wear his Bengals collar everyday because it is too big for him. He can only wear it on game days when we are not taking him for a walk.

    He is really fluffy and I think he would LOVE Rupp! We definitely should plan a play date for them.

    I was just thinking maybe instead of a Bengals collar I should get him a UK collar. That would be way better!!

    Thanks for writing!


    Mrs. G


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