Our sweet baby Charlie arrived on June 30th (a little early) to enjoy the Fourth of July (my favorite!) with his momma!  He was perfect.  I have only a few pictures; this being one of my favorites.  I love that clenched hand.  I can remember it wrapped around my finger and miss it everyday.  Charlie went to Heaven on July 17th, just 17 days after he was born.  He spent most of his life at Children's Hospital fighting for his chance.  The doctors determined he had a genetic disorder that caused his organs to fail and we lost him late in the evening on that awful awful day.  

He was our third baby, our third miracle, and not a single moment goes by that we don't think of him and miss him.  

It's a boy!  Baby G #3 is expected to join our growing family on July 14th!  

We are so lucky to have two of the most beautiful babies in the world!  
August 23rd will never be the same!

This is our first ultrasound.  We are expecting twins in October.  

This is Scout Gesenhues.
He is a very important part of our family and will soon have two new siblings to love on and snuggle with.

Images by Freepik