Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Christmas has finally shown up at our house, in its entirety. We have decorated and decorated and now I can finally say at least for this year we are finished. I would like to say that the tree in the picture above is ours, but I can't and it is not. Ours is a little smaller and a little less fabulous but it still warms our hearts every time we see it in the living room all lit up.

Also, in new news, we had our fireplace inspected and we can now take a little bit of time each night to enjoy a fire in our very own family room. The new house excitement is kind of wearing off (with the repairs and what not) but every time we accomplish something new or something finally becomes complete we are rejuvenated. Those moments in front of our fire are our calm in the midst of the storms in our lives and we love it.

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