Saturday, January 22, 2011


I saw this somewhere and thought it looked fun. Here is our life in this moment according to the numbers.

4 - The number of miles we have to run tomorrow according to our half marathon training schedule.

12 - The University of Kentucky's rank going into the game tonight against South Carolina. Hopefully we look better than we did in our last game.

6 - The number of specific prayers said for Lynnlee and her sweet far...but the day is not over!

75 - The miles separating me and my sister! Finally, the number shrunk!

2,212 - The miles separating my brother and I. This on the other hand is much too high! Miss you Matt!

8 - The number of cups of puppy chow I made in honor of Jane's post surgery party tonight! Woohoo! She is doing great! (and by party I mean very low key dinner hang out...we are celebrating though!)

1 - The number of days I have left in the weekend to finish my lesson plans. I hate when I put that off to the last minute!

70 - The percentage rating I would give the movie we watched last night. It was not a "chick flick" but it turned out to be a pretty good pick. Check out the trailer for Salt.

30 - The amount of money I spent on my new haircut, that has actually gotten more comments that ever! That must mean I really needed that haircut and the 30 bones were well spent!

170 - The decibel level of my voice when I found out Johnny and I have the same Spring Break! FYI, That never happens and I am still confused how we didn't know before now that we would have a WHOLE week off at the same time!?

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