Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lynnlee Faith Smith

God brought Lynnlee Faith into the world on January 3, 2011. From that moment her life touched so many and I have complete faith that as she continues to grow God will use her for his great purposes!

The first time I met Lynnlee, she was still inside her momma! I spent the beginning of my last week of Christmas vacation in Memphis, TN with Jackie and Josh. We were able to spend the entire time on the couch (which was amazing and somewhat normal even though this time it was due to Jackie being on bed-rest). Cathy Walker and Martha Ray were also there for our sweet time of laughing, catching up, and talking and praying with Lynnlee. The time I spend with my friends is always much needed and continues to be a time of encouragement and accountability (even now that we do not live in the same house). I missed them all as soon as I left.

The next day Lynnlee's story continued in the hospital when Jackie's water broke. The doctors were hopeful that Lynnlee could continue to grow and they gave her the medication and prayers that were needed to do that. Lynnlee (and our great God) had different plans and decided that on January 3rd, she was to be born. So at 8:53 in the morning weighing 1lb. 4 oz. she graced the world with her presence and she was beautiful.

Lynnlee's story is amazing and knowing her makes it impossible to not know God! I also believe knowing her parents (some of my closest friends) makes it hard to not know that God is in control. She is doing better than expected and I am so happy for Jackie and Josh and their sweet little miracle. God has called their family to be bold and brave! He is asking that they trust in his good and perfect will and they are doing just that! I know they are amazing parents and I look forward to meeting Lynnlee SOON!

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