Monday, April 25, 2011


The idea that Christ died for my sins will always overwhelm me. I can worship Him, study Him, seek Him, and continue to pray for forgiveness and mercy, but until I see him face to face there is no way that I can understand the greatness of this gift. However, on Easter we are reminded to reflect on what this means.

I was able to attend my old church, Broadway Christian Church in Lexington, with my parents this weekend. I was reminded this week as I listened to Ernie Perry speak of these three critical things...

1. God allows us to experience "kairos moments" where we have an opportunity to take the things we see and experience and reflect on them. Once we have reflected on and discussed what we have experienced we can either make a plan and make a change or continue down the path we started on without ever looking back.

2. Sin is the cause of death. Sin will always cost you more than you want to pay. Jesus is the cure.

3. "Anyone who can't shoulder their own cross (death), cannot follow after me..." Luke 14:27
We all die and this is the only way we can bear witness to the amazing place God has in store for us!

This Easter I was also able to spend some quality time with my family, which is always an amazing thing!

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