Monday, June 20, 2011

Projects Galore!

John has joined the ranks and started helping with the projects around the house. The rain really helped today because with the pool closed he knew today would be the day to begin the huge projects on our list...

John patched one of the holes in the hallway. I am not sure how this one got there since I painted this hall when we moved in?!

Our bathroom had a large cut out to get to the plumbing, but with a new bathtub and toilet, I think we are in the clear and can finally patch this very large hole in our half bath.

One of the first things I needed major help with was patching holes and cracks in our walls. We had a few that were just about to drive me crazy. So he started the process that I would never be able to do correctly! I was so thankful. Just look above for this professional looking job he did!

Next on our list was painting the last two rooms in our house. We took a break last year after skim coating and painting our kitchen, bathroom, dining room, master bedroom, hallway, and family room. That was enough for one summer. So in order to start painting we needed to clear the room and find a new location for our desk and books so that eventually we could turn that room into something besides an office. We put our computer and books downstairs in our family room and I think it fits great. I also took off the drawers on the desk making it look a little more "plain." I am planning to paint the bookshelf and desk soon! I think they will look so much better a crisp white color. I can't wait to see that finished product!

The new home for our desk and bookshelf. I am painting these soon!

Since we have cleared out this room upstairs our plan is to prep and paint as soon as possible! John started in on the walls and this is what happened...

When we saw this was not going in the right direction we immediately called someone we knew could help. He said he would stop by tomorrow. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will be able to help. We certainly have no idea what to do!

Oh, the joys of owning an old home...

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