Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sweet Summertime

My list of projects has grown to a mile long! never ends but this morning I woke up and was just ready to hit the ground running with some of the "unfinished things" in our house that I am dying to finish.

First things first...I began priming the bathroom door. I gathered all my supplies and then got started. It really didn't take long and now I just wait for the paint to dry in order to add another coat and flip it over to do the same thing. Watching paint dry can be very frustrating...but having Scout there makes life a little more interesting.

The bathroom door waiting to be primed...begging actually...

Scout watching me paint our poor bathroom door.

My second project started as soon as I finished the first coat on the door. I pulled out all the window fixtures (from every room except the family room) and finally got ready to spray paint. It always seems like the moment I am in the mood to tackle some of these crazy projects it rains...which means I can't spray paint outside. I decided I wouldn't waste this energy and spray painted in Johnny's work room. I put newspaper down...I hope the fumes don't get to us!

Scout looking a little worried...he isn't quite sure where all my energy came from today...

My next project is a little bit of a secret. I took it apart to sand, prime, and paint it. I will show you the whole process, but you will have to wait and see what it is (if you don't already know) until the end when I finally put it all back together. I hope this picture isn't too obvious...

My Secret Project

By the way, I did actually learn something from taking things apart (door knobs, window fixtures, etc.) when we first moved into our house. Things go back together a lot easier if you label the parts and screws when you are taking it apart so that you know where it goes when you are finished and ready to put it back together. I learned my lesson the hard way because at this exact moment there is a plastic shoe box downstairs in our basement that I am sorting through in order to put knobs back on doors we are painting and fixtures back on windows. Take note, if you are planning to take something apart and then put it back together. This will be helpful!

I labeled Ziploc bags to help me remember where all the screws need to go when I am finished painting.

I continued my summer project extravaganza at my computer. I have really wanted to put my cabinet hardware on in the kitchen since the day I moved in but I was extremely nervous that I would mess up. So, I searched online for some kind of template or guide that would help me put the hardware on straight and consistent throughout the kitchen. I found something here! It was pretty random and the first place I looked but I was ecstatic to actually find a template like that out there! When you wait for so long for something you don't care to spend a little bit of money to buy it and finally get the project done!

In closing, summer is such a sweet time to get some of this done! I think I will take a quick break though and catch up on the Bachelorette!

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