Sunday, June 26, 2011

We've Moved Inside (and quickly...)

I haven't forgotten about our many projects, but I can assure you 4:00 AM this morning was not when I wanted to remember them. However, when I heard a roll of thunder rattle our windows I remembered one of our projects was outside on our front porch! Our porch is covered but when I looked at the big yellow and red blob that covered the map on my cell phone I knew if I didn't move quick all my hard work would be wasted when they rain came blowing onto our porch {and furniture}. So I went about starting to move our shelf and desk into the house.

At this point in the story, John woke up and thought someone was breaking into our house so he came downstairs {in a hurry} without realizing I was not in bed next to him. Once he woke up a little and realized it was only me dragging a huge shelf and desk into the house by myself he quickly joined me and helped me get it safe and sound.

So here is the progression so far...we are hoping this white adds the clean lines we love!

P.S. I have a special surprise for the shelf. You'll see soon enough...I hope it is exciting as I think it will be!

Our desk moved to it's new location in our family room and waiting to be painted.

Johnny helped me get our furniture outside to sand, prime, and paint!

Sanding is my LEAST favorite part, but I participated! I couldn't wait to get that paint brush in my hand!!

The priming begins! Finally...

We are moving on to the paint (after we let it dry...)

For your viewing pleasure...

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