Thursday, October 13, 2011

The List Goes On

My fall break began on Monday of this week (just another reason why fall is one of my favorite times of the year). For most of my sweet friends that meant it was time to get out of town (i.e. Disney Cruise)! While I didn't plan a vacation this week I knew it was going to be a good time for me to really knock out some of the things on my lovely "home to do list." The list was getting long and heavy. So with a small burst of energy I got started.

1. Paint Time!

I began by pulling out the paint cans! I painted our new back door, the trim and wall around the back door, the guest bedroom (and all of its glorious trim, crown molding...oh and don't forget the chair rail...), bathroom touch ups, hallway touch ups, and I restarted the hallway trim (I am still working on this...yes it takes forever and yes I started this particular project last year). Reading this back to myself wears me out all over again, but I am so excited that some of it is finished! Here are a couple of before and after pictures.

Guest Bedroom
"Sad...Very Sad..."

Guest Bedroom
"Oh So Happy and Ready For Someone to Come Stay With Us"

Back Door
"Grey and Ugly"

Back Door
"Crisp, White, and Welcoming"

2. Chalkboard House Numbers

This project was one that I have been wanting to finish for a while. I purchased normal clay pots from Walmart and some Chalkboard paint. I spray painted the pots and bases. I printed our house numbers on the computer and used an exacto knife to cut out the outline and then trace them onto the pot with the chalk. My plan was simple, but I would like to use this idea for something in the future, maybe a baby shower decoration?

3. Ripped Out The Old and Planted a New (tree, that is.)

This actually happened on accident and I can't take credit for it entirely. John was cleaning out the flower beds in our back yard one day this week and I just happened to walk out when he was nearing another one of the pesky trees that the old home owners left for us to deal with.

I said, "How about taking that tree out? It looks dead anyway."

John's response, "We'll see, let me just finish was I am doing and then we can look at it again."

My simple and sweet reply, "There is no time like the present..."

I tend to take on more than one project at a time and my husband is completely the OPPOSITE. But being the sweet husband that he is, he took it out right then and there with his bare hands and then chopped it up into small pieces. I was so thankful that it was gone, but that meant that Johnny wanted a new tree to fill the space. I found this sweet Charlie Brown tree at Lowe's. It was half off! They told me it just needed to be watered and planted. Let's hope it lives through the winter.

4. Spice it up Pumpkin Decor

This project came out of no where! I wanted a decoration in front of the house so I decided to make something. So, I went to the scrap section at Lowe's and they gave me a 4 by something board that they then also cut for me (for free). I bought a little orange spray paint and took them home almost immediately and began painting (Hey, I needed a break from the redundant trim painting!). Johnny found some old branches, cut them to size, and hot glued them on to the top. I also found some artificial leaves and some ribbon (total cost=25 cents at a garage sale) and added that for a little color. They were SO easy, and I think I may have seen something like this at a craft show last weekend...

5. Toilet Extravaganza

Yes, I fixed this madness...with my dad's help (and thanks to Face Time)!

I hate toilets. I could never be a plumber and stick my hand in other people's toilets all day long. Ugh! I can barely stick my hand in my own toilet, but I had to get over this quick because my brand new toilet would not flush. So, I made the trek to Lowe's (again) and found the abnormally large "flapper" that fit my toilet. It's done. Enough said.

6. Classroom Redo
I finally bit the bullet and went to school. Little did I know that this quick trip to "get prepared" for Monday would turn into a classroom redesign. The janitors were there and I threw out the idea that I might move a couple of things. They swarmed my classroom (I think for fear that if I did it on my own I might tear up the floor) and we got busy. Before I started my carpet was near my windows and in a very inconvenient spot for viewing anything on my big screen in the front of the classroom. So I moved it and I now have a special spot for my students in the front of the classroom right in front of the big screen (which I use ALL day by the way).

I am so excited!

By the way, if you are a teacher I am sure you know the good feeling you get when you could not be more prepared. I have my learning targets up, copies made and stacked on my desk, and morning work on their desks! Such a good feeling going into the weekend!

It feels so good to be able to report that I have finally completed some of our "home" projects all while catching up on my graduate school homework, cleaning the house, finishing the Nicholas Sparks book that I got for Christmas (LAST YEAR), catching up on laundry, visiting a pumpkin patch (where we brought home lots of treats), making homemade potato soup, and watching a scary movie with Johnny. And it's only FRIDAY!!

Overall, fall break was {amazing}! I feel rested and ready to get back to teaching (...right after I enjoy a very restful weekend with no painting)!

Oh, and one other small note: If you own a home and you haven't changed you air filter in your heater (or air conditioning unit, I am not sure which one) then you need to get on that! John and I learned how truly important this is this past week. We found the old one (right where the old owners left it) and boy was it dirty! (I'll spare you the pictures.) But I can say that we learned our lesson! It is important to change the air filter in that thing in the basement every once in a while.


  1. So, when are you coming to my house!? :)

  2. I would love to come to your house! It always looks SO finished! I have too many unfinished projects!


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