Friday, November 11, 2011

Someone's Favorite Time of the Year

Halloween is not my favorite time of the year, but I think it is a close call between Halloween and Christmas for Johnny. He loves "neighborhoody" things (like waving to people when you mow the grass...). He gets excited about setting up the fire pit in our front yard and passing out candy to the kids in our neighborhood while he talks to all the families that stop by. He especially enjoys seeing his students. Every year he gives his students our address and they come (from all over Fort Thomas) to Grand Avenue to find their teacher, Mr. G (with the special candy and the homework pass). He's always ready for them.

I look forward to the one or two people I know that stop by. This year the Manns stopped over to visit. Their pirate costumes were perfect (as usual) and we loved the "mean face" we got from Jackson. Take a look!

By the way, this year we were ready for about 400 kids (which would have been realistic at our old house) and we probably saw about 50 {ALL NIGHT}!! Needless to say, we are still eating on the Halloween candy we bought and probably will be until Christmas.

We dressed Scout up for his second Halloween. He was a skeleton this year and wore his costume proudly. He stood guard over the house and was really intrigued by all that was going on out front. John's parents even bought him a special treat for the holiday. A skeleton cookie was just was the dog ordered.

I would be remised if I did not recognize our families prize winning pumpkins. Johnny and I both entered our jack-o-lanterns in the "Jack-o-lantern Walk" in Fort Thomas where we won first place in the "Traditional Pumpkin" category along with second place in the "Happiest Pumpkin" category. We were so proud. (I must add that this is the second year running for me in the Happiest Pumpkin category!)

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