Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gender Reveal

I wanted to actually do something to find out the gender of our two sweet babies, instead of just watching the sonogram screen so I enlisted some friends, family, and of course my precious husband to help with the task.

This Friday was the first appointment and ultrasound where we could find out their gender.  I felt like I had waited forever (even though it was only 18 weeks and 2 days) and Friday could not come fast enough.  So long story short our appointment was perfect and the ultrasound tech was 100% sure what we were having with both of them and so the adventure continues.  I thought this story would be more fun to tell with pictures.

Here is the ultrasound of both Baby A and Baby B before we knew what we were having. We both guessed what we thought they were before we actually found out.  I thought we were having one boy and one girl. Johnny said that he thought they were both boys.    

Our night started out at Palominos where we had reservations at 7:15.  This was only after the secret purple envelope burned holes in both of our pockets for what seemed like eternity after our 11:00 appointment.  We made our way into the restaurant where the envelope, "the surprise", and two very excited managers met us .  We were given one of the best seats in the entire restaurant overlooking Fountain Square.  Before dinner was even ordered we asked for the surprise.  I could wait absolutely NO longer!  

This envelope was the only thing keeping us from knowing!  Johnny had also arranged with a good friend of ours to have two charms waiting at the restaurant wrapped in gift boxes from Monmouth Jewelers.  Neither of us had seen inside so it was going to be a complete surprise!  

When it was time to open the boxes we each took one.  I opened Baby A and Johnny opened Baby B.  He got a little head start and immediately I saw the blue!  We were having one boy!  The second bead was wrapped in a box, under some fluff, and taped in tissue!  Once I finally opened the box it revealed Baby A was a girl!  This is our reaction and excitement when we finally opened both beads.    

The restaurant was amazing.  They brought out the gift and took pictures of our special moment.  This is the after with both beads in our hands.  

We then opened the envelope from our doctor's office and saw the pictures.  

Once we made our way home we were dying to tell our families.  My parents and sister and brother in law (and of course Kiley) were waiting at my parents house for a call.  We skyped them and had them get their envelopes ready.  I had prepared envelopes for each of the different combinations; both girls, both boys, and one of each.  I had the envelopes numbered and the plan was to tell them which one to open once everyone was ready.  Here are the envelopes and notes that were sent to everyone in the mail.  

So once everyone was ready and we teased and stalled for just a little while longer we finally revealed the number they needed to open.  It was so much fun watching them scramble, find the right one, and rip it open.  This is Philip, Kiley, Kari, dad, and mom opening their envelopes in a really fun series of screenshots.  

Big John, Jane, Jim, and Alicia came a little bit later and shared in our excitement as well.  They all had their envelopes ready and we repeated the process.  

 It was truly a blessing of a day and we are so thankful we had people to share our news with.  We have both talked about how much fun both of them will be and how happy we are to be able to experience both a little girl and a little boy in our lives.  Blessed does not even begin to describe our feelings.  

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