Sunday, December 16, 2012

It Takes a Village

John wanted us to all spend the evening "resting" on Wednesday because in his opinion we have been going non stop and we all (including the babies) needed a break.  I didn't put up much of a fight because truthfully, he was right, I was exhausted.  So we picked out a Christmas movie and ordered Chinese take out so we could all just be together.  I was proud that I finally put off the inevitable list of school work, laundry, cleaning, and christmas errands to spend an evening relaxing.  We started the movie right after dinner and with two babies cuddled up next to me I didn't stand a chance.  I was asleep almost immediately. (It doesn't take much these days.)

What I didn't know was that it wasn't just exhaustion that had overcome my body it was some kind of awful sickness.  John did the rest of the nightly baby duties himself, he changed them and put them to bed.  That is when the worst of it came.  I will spare anyone reading the details but let's just say for two days straight I did not leave the bed unless to go into our bathroom.  It was one of the most awful "sicknesses" I have ever experienced.  What's worse?  Macy, was also up most of the night spitting up over and over.  She typically is not our "spitter" but when John saw a discolored spit up he called the doctor and stayed up with her all night too.  So now, John and I have both been up all night and probably look like something from a scary movie and we are expected to care (lovingly) for two sweet babies!?

What I learned from this horrible experience is that it is ok to ask for help.  I have never needed my mother in law or my mom more than I did those two (almost three full) days.  You see when you have two babies that typically wake, eat, sleep, and potty at almost the exact same time you need help!  One or two feedings you can handle but when it is you {and only you} for more than two feedings you start to go a little crazy trying to keep up and prevent major crying episodes!

So in short, thank you mom and thank you Jane.  We needed you and couldn't have done the past few days without you!

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