Sunday, April 7, 2013

Less Than Perfect

Some say we are cool parents, some say we are crazy; our two kids don't say anything. They're 7 months old and just along for the ride; looking forward to dipping their toes in the water.  And so begins our first vacation as a family...and let's just say, it was a little less than perfect.

It all started at 6:05 p.m. on Thursday March 29, 2013.  Everyone was cozy in their car seats and our tubs (this is a new phenomenon...more on this later) were packed and neatly stacked in our car.

Florida ready!

It was going to be a trip we would always remember.  And then it happened, not two hours into the trip we heard something that sounded like spit up, but so much more!  Now we know about some spit up people.  Since our two were born we have seen more half digested food than any one human would ever care to see.  When we heard the "spit up" it sounded more like "throw up" and to be honest I thought a cup of water had spilled in the back seat. We turned, looked, and saw more spit up than we had ever seen (actually it looked like more than we had even fed him) drenching Johnny and his car seat.  So we pulled over {quickly} and changed his clothes.  We cleaned up his seat and saw a sad lethargic look in his eyes.  He had a fever and looked extremely unhappy about being in his car seat.  This was our beginning...

We made it to Florida at about 10:30 a.m. Friday morning (much later than we anticipated) and took the babies into the condo to finally stretch out!

Before we reached the condo we captured these videos of the whole family.  Johnny was not very happy but you can still catch a small {almost} glimpse of a smile towards the end of the video as we reached Florida.

Before we got out of the car Macy shared what she was going to do once we got there.

Actually, all things considered, we didn't really hear one single whimper until about 45 minutes away from the condo.  They did amazing, but we were all still exhausted so we cleaned up the babies, fed them, and laid them down for a short nap.  We then assessed the damage in the car.  It was a good thing we had seat protectors under their car seats because everything was covered, I mean covered in spit up.  We cleaned it all up, did a load of laundry, unpacked our things for the week, and grabbed a few things at Target that we forgot at home before the babies woke up.  We pretty much laid low and recuperated from the drive down with the help of Gigi (who was already there, thank goodness!).

Johnny the first night in the condo
Macy (not sick at all) the first night in the condo

My parents arrived Saturday and Kari, Philip, and Kiley also made their way down, late Saturday evening.  The gang was {finally} all there and the fun would soon begin!

Sunday morning (Easter) we took the babies to their first church service since they were born.  They absolutely LOVED the music and spent a lot of the time eating breakfast.  That afternoon we rested by the pool and ate an Easter ham dinner.  We also took a walk around Baywood Colony, Gigi and Poppy's condo.

John and Johnny resting in the condo
Macy, always ready to play
Family picture by the bay
Our first picture (of many) at Gigi and Poppy's condo

The week continued with Little Johnny sicker than we have ever seen him.  He was so tired and fell asleep anywhere we laid him.  He was miserable; I could see it in his eyes and it broke my heart, but he kept on smiling until we finally started seeing his normal happy self midway through the week.  Then wouldn't you know it, Macy and I caught whatever it was he had.  I had an ear infection and Macy's eyes got pretty gunky, among other things.  We visited the Urgent Care Clinic twice (maybe a record on vacation?).  But we were all good sports and made it to the beach three times and spent the rest of the week at the pool.

Family time in the pool at Gigi and Poppy's condo

We were also able to spent a lot of time  with my family too.  Macy and her cousin Kiley loved playing together, Kari and I enjoyed our conversations face to face (instead of on the phone), Johnny, Dad, and Philip enjoyed a round of golf, and Lolli (my mom) and Gigi (Johnny's mom) played with their grandchildren to their heart's content!

Macy and Johnny relaxing by the pool
Kiley and Macy playing in the condo
Family picture on the beach
Family picture on the beach

We now know that vacation is going to look a little different than it used to (aka, a lot less laying out for this momma) but overall it was a great learning experience.  We wouldn't trade their first trip for anything.  Actually with family, sunshine, and ice cream our less than perfect trip turned out pretty perfect!

Family picture at Midnight Cove
Ice cream at Big Olaf's (my favorite spot in Siesta Key)

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