Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Milestones

I never thought I would say this but the babies are growing SO fast!  Just since my last post they have learned so many new things.  We went on vacation in April and then again last week to really start off our summer on the right foot.  Our trips were very different!  Let's hit the highlights...


-The babies were just learning how to sit up.  They were not able to do this on their own and it made for a LONG week of sitting with them at the pool, on the beach, and in the condo. 

-The babies were both sick.  I don't mean they had a little cough, I'm talking really sick.  So sick we took the car seats apart and CLEANED everything in our car when we arrived after driving through the night.  We also visited the Urgent Care Clinic in Sarasota twice!  Ugh, being sick on vacation stinks! 

-Little Johnny did not want to be outside.  I think it was mainly due to him not feeling well, but I'm not sure he is a huge fan of the sun either.  

-The babies were taking two naps consistently.  Both of their naps were necessary; without them we were all very grumpy.  Their naps made it hard at times to plan activities for everyone.  

-They slept so well.  The ride (aside from the vomiting) was pretty smooth.  They enjoy being in the car and always fall asleep when the car is moving.  

-The babies since they were born have spit up A LOT.  It seems like it they were not eating or sleeping they were spitting up. While it was beginning to get a little better on this vacation we were still all sitting with burp clothes in hand waiting for the inevitable spit up from the time they ate to the time they laid down.  


-They are officially crawling!!  They were able to move and go anywhere they pleased.  Macy also started pulling herself up on objects like coffee tables and chairs.   We have had a few bumps and bruises from tipping over backwards when mom and dad's heads were turned.  

-NO ONE was sick!  We were healthy and ready to see the sun and sand!  It was a welcome change.  

-Little Johnny LOVED the pool and the beach.  He would sit and watch the waves forever. 

-The babies are taking two naps some days but if they wake up at their normal time (around 8:00 am) they are pretty good to go until around 12:30 for their one and only three hour nap.  This worked perfectly as we took turns visiting the pool during their afternoon nap and we were able to take small trips to the ocean, pool, or where ever in the morning.   

-They are still the absolute BEST sleepers.  We are so lucky and even though this time around they were more mobile, we drove mostly through the night so we did not experience too terrible of a car ride either way.  

-We brought probably 10-15 burp clothes and they stayed in the drawer in the condo!  We didn't have to wash ANY of them!  I cannot even believe it, but this week was it!  I can finally say we are getting past the spit up stage!  Praise the Lord!!

John and I would both rank this vacation (out of the two as a family of four) our favorite.  We were able to relax a little more and we have found that as they grow and become more interested in new things life gets easier.  (I know what you're thinking, all you veteran moms out there..."yeah right!"  Just let us think it for now...I'm sure there will be more posts once they get a little bigger with new adventures and new challenges).  

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