Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moving On Up

This past Sunday was definitely a day that I will never forget.  We got up and got ready for church just like normal and then made our way to Crossroads.  We checked the babies in and put their stickers on their backs.  I had the other stickers in my hand and we all together headed to the nursery.  When we arrived they looked surprised that we were there.  One of our favorite women looked up and said, "Oh, hey!  Did you guys check in?"  I responded with a simple "Yes!" and I held up our stickers.  She came to the counter and looked at them and then asked when their birthday was.  I told her it was coming up, August 23rd.  She smiled and said, "They moved up!"  She sounded excited and I wasn't sure why.  Tears immediately welled up in my eyes.  They moved up?  A flood of emotion and thoughts rushed to my head and immediately made it impossible for me to talk.  They aren't even one yet.  They were premature.  They aren't ready.  I really like you guys.  I didn't want them to move up...

I knew this must be how it feels to drop your baby off at Kindergarten, only I had no time to prepare myself!  So not wanting to be "that mom" I smiled and said, "Ok..." and then walked to the next room down the hall.  When we arrived, the women inside looked up and smiled at us.  She took Macy immediately and then asked if they could eat graham crackers.  As I tried to process the question all I could do was look around the room at the really big one year olds my babies were about to be in Sunday School with.  It was too much and tears once again came without warning.  I tried to answer without crying but it was nearly impossible.  I politely explained that they could not have them yet all while screaming in my head, "No they cannot have graham crackers!  They just got teeth yesterday!"  I then also quickly explained that they are only just beginning to stand up, so they cannot sit in chairs like the other kids in the room.  Once I gathered myself again I smiled at Macy and Johnny and then turned away to walk down the hallway.  All the tears I had been holding back came quickly and I was full on crying.  I couldn't stop it.  John looked at me with a worried and kind smile and said, "I think this will be good for them Case."  At that moment I knew he was right I just didn't want to admit it.  So, I sat through church, constantly staring up waiting for their numbers to flash at the bottom of the screen and then jumped up as soon as the service concluded.  I was the first person back in Kid's Club and when I arrived at their new classroom I saw two smiling faces looking up at me.

They were happy.  My tears were all for nothing.  Relief rushed over me and I think next week will be a little easier.

But I did learn one lesson...never, ever judge a nervous or scared mom dropping off her kids with a stranger, even if that stranger is me, their teacher.  It's hard!

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