Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Difference in Boys and Girls

I never realized how truly different little boys and girls could be until I was given the privilege of raising two very different babies born at virtually the exact same time and raised in virtually the exact same environment.  It is amazing how God has made us each unique and with different strengths (and weaknesses). 

Example 1: Macy can climb/balance/manuever on or over anything standing in her way.  She is little and more agile than anyone I know.  John on the other hand trys really hard but sometimes getting his chubby little body on a chair proves to be difficult for him.

Example 2: John LOVES being outside.  Don't get me wrong, Macy enjoys the outdoors as well but not nearly as much as Johnny does.  Anytime we have to go inside after spending some much needed time outdoors he literally screams.  He gets in this position where he pushes his arms straight down next to his body, his head tilts back, and he just groans.  It must be the sticks that his dad has shown him how to pick up or the dirt that he digs in with his shovel.  This spring is going to be so much fun!  

Example 3: Macy is independent.  She never wants help.  She wants to take her coat off on her own.  She wants to eat on her own. She wants to climb up on things without help.  She does not want to hold my hand when we walk to the car.  She wants to be independent and I guess I can't blame her.  She may have gotten that from me.  Johnny is not at all like that.  He is never afraid to whine or whimper until someone comes to assist him.     

Example 4: Johnny is a cuddler.  My May is not.  She doesn't want to be consoled when she gets hurt.  She doesn't want to be rocked to sleep.  I think boys must just be more warm and fuzzy towards their mommas!  When it gets to be bedtime Johnny doesn't want to wander around and play with his toys, instead he grabs his milk, curls up next to me on the couch, and watches his favorite t.v. show completely still while he plays with my wedding ring.   

Example 5: Macy can do just about anything (within reason) that you ask her to.  I say, "Macy, put your shoes by the door." She quickly picks up her shoes and puts them by the door.  Her dad says, "May, will you go get a book for us to read."  Without hesitation she walks over to the bin of books and finds her favorite.  It is precious. 

Example 6: This one surprises me but John repeats words far better than Macy.  He soaks in everything and while right now his favorite word is "hot" he will repeat other things fairly well too.  They are both learning many new words including; dog, hot, mom, dad, ball, and so many more.  They repeat letters and numbers also.  This is one of the most exciting things for me!  I can't wait to really talk to them!   

I am sure I will have many more things to add to this list but right now the things that each of them have that are a part of this list are perfect parts of who God made them to be.  I thank God for that each day.  When we pray at night one of the things we always say is, "Thank you God for making us special..."  It is my prayer that as this list grows they realize that each of these things that make them different also makes them special.  I love seeing this very incredible part of who God is, being revealed to me each day through my babies.  Such an incredible glimpse of heaven and his awe-inspiring creation here on earth. 

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