Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt Extravaganza

We are entering the age where the twins are beginning to understand things that are going on around them.  One of my favorite things about this time in our lives is the "newness" of everything they do and see.  Macy plays tug-o-war with Scout and laughs so hard when she tries to pull the rope out of his mouth, succeeds, and he comes back for more.  Johnny has the biggest grin on his face when he sees or hears a truck and tells us what it is and then follows that by saying, "Vroom!" in what I like to call "boy fashion."  (What girl knows how to make car sounds at 20 months of age?!) It is amazing to me the things they know and the things they learn so quickly!

So we decided what better way to spend a Saturday than to take the babies (I am not going to be able to say that much longer...) to Tower Park and participate in the big Easter Egg Hunt.  It was technically their first "egg hunt" (aside from practicing in the back yard) and it went over just as we expected.

Macy absolutely LOVED it.  She is the cleaner/organizer of the two and she loves putting things "away."  Once she realized there were eggs on the ground and she was allowed to put them in her bucket she did just that until she collected so many eggs that her basket was completely full!  You could see the pure joy on her face.  She may have even gotten a little over zealous and looked for eggs in other kid's baskets to take for her own.  We had a little talk and she quickly got over it relishing in the fact that she could pull her eggs out of her basket and open them up to find these mini surprises (that she couldn't even really eat).

Johnny, on the other hand, was very interested in the trucks in the parking lot making noises near us.  While we were waiting for the hunt to begin John took him over to the trucks so he could see them.  As the countdown for the hunt began John quickly ran back over to the Easter egg hunt so that Johnny wouldn't miss anything...and boy was he mad.  He started crying and parked his fanny right in the middle of the grass refusing to pick up ANY eggs while he moaned, "trucks..." over and over.  It was a sight.  Eventually he leaned himself over five eggs in his near vicinity and stashed them into his bucket, but not without a continued frown.  We laughed over that moment and then as all kids do he got over it and ran through the grass while Macy continued moving her eggs from the grass to her bucket.

I could not ask for better memories of this day.  Every single thing my two kids did made my heart smile.  To make it even more of a great day (if that is possible) we rounded out the afternoon in our hammock eating ice cream in the backyard!  I even read a few chapters of my latest book obsession (The Antelope in the Living Room) while the babies napped.  I guess as John would say, "We're living the dream..."

I am looking forward to tomorrow, Easter Sunday, even more because that is when we truly celebrate Jesus and his death and resurrection.  My kids get to learn that it isn't about the Easter Bunny or about the Easter Egg Hunts, but instead about Jesus' sacrifice for us.  It is the first time I can begin to teach my two kids what Jesus did for them on the cross while enjoying the company of my entire family.  What more can I ask for?!

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