Friday, June 27, 2014

Splash Park

This summer has been all but "normal."  We finished school extremely late (with PD days tacked onto the end...) and I'm pregnant.  I guess to be honest those are the only two things that are really different about this summer but it seems like our worlds are about to be turned upside down and my stress level is maxed out.  With that being said, we have been making an effort to "do something" with the twins almost everyday (for our sanity as well as theirs).  This is the first summer they can really walk/run and play and are beginning to enjoy things outside so we wanted it to be memorable.  

So far we have visited Coney Island, walked around the Cincinnati Zoo more than once, swam at the Swim Club and the YMCA, enjoyed pizza at Tower Park, visited my parents in Lexington, and we ventured into Ohio for a day to go to the Splash Park at Woodland Mounds.

The Splash Park was so far our favorite activity of the summer.  It brought the most smiles, giggles, was completely free (since the twins are under two), and brought on the longest nap of the summer!  We went with my mom, sister, Kiley, and Grayson.  We arrived just before they opened around 10:30 and played on the playground next to the Splash Park.  Macy and Johnny both love slides which there were plenty of on this particular playground.  They loved it and almost didn't want to go into the Splash Park because they loved the playground so much.  However, when they heard water they followed us in and when they saw the fountains and slides inside their faces lit up!

Nothing I can really say will do justice to the memories engrained in my heart from our summer so far; so I made a quick video of our day at the Splash Park.  Here it goes!


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