Sunday, July 13, 2014

Charlie - Day 7

This is taken from Charlie's CaringBridge page on July 13, 2014 at 9:26 P.M. 

Charlie is a fighter.  He was fearfully and wonderfully made.  His Heavenly Father knit him together (perfectly).  These are the words I find comfort in today.  

While the entire process is still overwhelming today was a very good day for Charlie.  They extubated him at 11:15 and it was extremely uneventful (which we were thankful for).  He coughed a little and then looked around the room.  His big blue eyes were open and seemed to say, "I told you I could do it Mom and Dad..."  Once he was extubated they put him on a high flow cannula.  He was not receiving oxygen through the cannula but they wanted to make sure he was ok to breathe on his own before transitioning him to a regular cannula.  A couple of hours later with a blood gas level that look near perfect they switched him over to a regular cannula and we dressed him in a sleeper we brought from home.  He did great all afternoon.  Around 4:00 he was wide eyed and starting looking a little hungry.  We were able to begin his feeds again and I was able to feed him breast milk with a bottle.  He showed everyone how strong he is.  He sucked and swallowed perfectly while breathing on his own!  I was so proud of him.  

While the day was somewhat uneventful in regards to getting tests done and receiving results it was a big day for Charlie.  I spent a little time tonight reading the comments, messages, and posts in the guest book to Charlie.  He learned about people in almost every state that are praying for him.  He even listened as I read about people  in England praying for him.  His name is being said all over the world.  I am in awe and humbled at the number of people praying for Charlie.  People have reached out to us and shown us a love that only a community of believers can understand.  Charlie and I also read a book called "Cuddle."  He really loved the pictures in the book tonight.  The animals and bright colors definitely caught his eye.  When we finished the story, we prayed.  Here are our prayers.


1. God would completely heal Charlie and perform a miracle on his little body.  
2. God would make the next MRI completely clear and free of damage to his brain.
3. God would continue to allow Charlie to breath on his own. 
4. God would watch over Charlie's brother and sister and help make their days as normal as possible. 
5. God would guide the neurologists as they decide what genetic testing needs to be done in order to determine what happened or is happening to Charlie.
6. God would guide the doctors and nurses in the ICU as we begin making our way out of the ICU and onto the neurology floor in the hospital.         

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