Thursday, March 12, 2015


Macy was climbing on the swing set (because it was finally nice enough for us to be outside) and she slipped as she climbed up the pretend rock wall and bumped her arm.  She whined a little bit and ran towards me with her arm coming right at me ready for a kiss.  She said, "Mommy, kiss it."  There was no question in her tone of voice, more of a demand.  As soon as I had kissed it, she was better.  She was completely 100% back to her normal self, running to climb the same wall she had just fallen from.  It was like my kiss was magic.

Johnny, Macy, and I were playing after dinner.  Macy has a pretend "straightener" that she likes to do my hair with.  Johnny chooses to "cut" things with it.  He is all boy and doing hair is just not his thing.  In the mix of them both trying to play with the same toy John's fingers got pinched in the middle of it.  He was upset for just a minute or two.  He always says, "I'm ok Mommy..."  but this time "Will you kiss it?" came out as well.  I kissed his sweet fingers and again almost instantaneously he was all smiles and chasing Macy around the room to get the toy back.  My's magic.

I wonder when I kissed Charlie's sweet head covered with those stupid sticky leads if it made any of his pain go away?  I wonder when I sat with him and kissed his hands that were bruised from having so many IVs if he felt any relief.  I am going to keep telling myself my kiss is magic.  It had to help. 

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  1. Oh honey, without a doubt. Nothing in this world melts your problems away and makes everything okay again like the affection of your mother. The very best medication sweet baby Charlie could have ever received was the one thing no one else in the world or beyond could have ever given him, and that is the love and affection of his sweet mother. I am in my twenties and there still just isn't anything that compares to the relief I find in my mother's love. Because of you, and your husband of course, his short time on this Earth is one that despite his suffering, is marked with an unconditional love and devotion that most people wait an entire lifetime to experience. A kind of love that despite his age and teeny tiny everything, he could sense. Because of you, despite his struggle, sweet baby Charlie's memories and knowledge of this Earth are positive ones. Praying for peace and comfort for you and your famiky sweet girl.
    -Mickaela Cooper Runyon


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