Monday, October 12, 2015

The Real Roses

We adore our new home.  We are here and we are settled (for the most part).

And we have roses growing in our backyard.

I feel like the people in your life that support you and love you without expecting anything in return are truly the people that make walking through tough days bearable.  For me, I have always had my family, my friends, and so many sweet acquaintances and colleagues that have helped John and I along the way.

Over the past several months I have witnessed something completely different though.  I have seen someone we barely knew come into our lives unexpectedly and offer to build us a home.  In the misery that still surrounds me I am seeing that there really is good in the world.  Our builder could have taken this land/opportunity and changed our fortunate circumstances completely, but he cared us, about the family that would be starting over on Rossford Avenue.    

Our home is beautiful.  Brent and everyone that worked to make it perfect deserves all the accolades we could ever offer.  But even more than the home itself, we will cherish the friendship we made with the family that helped build our home.  We have roses growing in our backyard because of this sweet family and smelling real roses on Rossford is going to mean so much to us as we play with our kids in the backyard and remember our sweet boy Charlie as the roses climb toward the heavens.

We have a new thing in our new home where we look out the large windows in our staircase and look for the moon.  Each night Johnny asks me, "Mommy, where is the moon?"  Together we find it and he always reminds me that Charlie is up in heaven just like the moon is.  Tonight it was raining and he said, "I know you need Charlie mommy but you can't go to heaven yet to find him or the moon."  I always tell him and Macy that they aren't allowed to go to heaven yet; that must be where he got that.

Man, do we ever miss his sweet face and fuzzy haired head.  I'm just thankful we are here and we are able to remember that he is safe in the arms of his Creator in heaven while looking out the big windows on our way up to bed.

This home is already a blessing.  Thank you Brent and thank you everyone that helped make it our perfect home.    

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