Sunday, November 29, 2015

#14 Write Your Grief: Dear Charlie

Imagine writing a letter to the one you've lost:
what would you show them in this new "home" town?

Dear Charlie,

The place I am about to introduce to you cannot even begin to compare to your forever home; heaven.  The Lord is with you and you get to see more beautiful things than I can even comprehend. I am so glad for that, but I still want to share this sacred space of ours with you.  

If you were still here you would have moved into our new home with us.  It was a new beginning, a fresh start, a place for happy memories.  You would have had your own room, closest to your dad and I.  I think you would have loved it.  Macy and Johnny would have helped you up and down the stairs.  They would have chased you around the basement.  They would have made sure to sneak you snacks from their bowls like they do for Scout.

This time of year is difficult because so many things remind me of you.  We had one less high chair at our table for Thanksgiving.  I have one less person to buy gifts for this Christmas.  I see things every time I go out that I think you would have loved to play with.  And as I put up the decorations I put your stocking up with the rest of ours, tied your jingle bell from Santa's sleigh around the nail that holds your stocking, and just stared it.

You would have loved Christmas here.  We decorate big around our house.  Your dad is one of the biggest Christmas lovers there is.  He is so particular about the lights on the house and even more so this year since everything is new.

 It will be our first Christmas here.  I am so glad that I can share this special place we now call home with you.  It's ready for some of our favorite memories.  All we are missing is you.   

You are here and you are loved even though you are not physically here.  I see you everywhere.  We have not forgotten you Charlie and we never will. 



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