Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Roses for Days

Today I felt every emotion.  Today made me cry and then three seconds later it had me smiling from ear to ear.   I just cannot believe that my babies are four years old.

Four years ago on this day my water broke on my classroom floor and as "prepared" as we thought we were neither of us had any idea what was just hours ahead of us as we drove to the hospital.  As I reminisced today about that perfect day four years ago I couldn't help but think that's the beauty of it all.  We had no idea at 1:10 and 1:20 we would deliver Macy and then John.  We had no idea what a huge blessing they would be in our lives.  And tonight, as I sit in my bed and type my thoughts about this day, I can honestly say I had no idea the kind of love that only unveils itself when you have kids even existed.  It's impossible to even put into words something that would adequately describe that kind of love.  

Our day began with two very excited four year olds waking up and realizing that it was indeed their "big day!"  They had waited so long for this day.  I can't even count the number of times Macy asked, "Mommy, what number am I?"  I was finally able to tell her four and the smile on her beautiful face could have spread joy from here to Africa.  John and I did have to go to work today, but the twins were in wonderful hands.  They spent the day with one of their favorite people, Mrs. Jenny.  I heard all about their adventures when I got home from work.  It makes me overjoyed to know that they are so well taken care of and they love Mrs. Jenny so much.

It didn't take long for them to realize that now that their dad and I were both home they were able to open their gifts from us.  The excitement y'all...I want to box it up and save it for a rainy day!  They opened their gifts and both of them stopped once they opened them all and said, "Thank you so much Mommy and Daddy!  I love them so much!"  John always get so excited to thank someone and Macy just loves making people happy.  I also really think we could have wrapped up coal and given it to them and they would have still been happy to find a use for what would seem meaningless to most.  They just couldn't help themselves.  It overflowed.  Macy received her first American Girl doll (which she named Rosie), a gardening set for her doll, a birthday crown for her doll, a doggie doctor kit, a hula hoop, and kinetic sand.  Her favorite was her American Girl doll.  John received his first big set of legos, glow in the dark train tracks, a nerf gun, and (coming soon) a golf mat for the backyard.  His favorite gift was by far the nerf gun.

After we opened gifts we spent a bit of time on the phone with Lolli and Pop.  Once they showed off all their gifts and spread their infectious joy to Lolli and Pop's house we decided on dinner with the Carrolls at Skyline.  This is one of the twins favorite restaurants and kids eat free on Tuesdays didn't hurt their cause either.   After dinner we had a bit of extra time before they were supposed to visit Wise Owl to meet their teacher so we stopped at Tower Park.  To our surprise Marty's Waffles was parked their just waiting for us!  It had to be meant to be!  Little Jay saw the truck and immediately started yelling, "Look!!!  Waffles!!!"  So we HAD TO stop for waffles.  It clearly didn't matter that we were absolutely STUFFED from Skyline.  We needed a waffle!  

That alongside seeing the twins bounce into Wise Owl to meet their teacher had my heart just so happy.

We don't just smell roses but for now, God has led us into a field of them.  It's the only thing we can see in our future.  Roses for days!    

I also wanted to document the conversations I had with the twins today.  They made me grin.

"Mom, what number am I?" (Macy)
"May, you're four!  Today is your birthday!" (Me)
"Finally!!  I have been waiting all my life!" (Macy)

"Johnny, you are so big!  You are four years old today!" (Me)
"I know!  I am four, and then I will be six, and then I will be in your driver's seat!" (Johnny)
"Wait just a second!  Don't get ahead of yourself..." (Me)
"I'm not mom!  I am just getting bigger!" (Johnny)

"These are the best presents we have ever gotten!" (Johnny)

What a perfect age!  Four year old.  Thank you Lord for the four years you have left me be their mom.  I am so honored to have that privilege.

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