Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to Shine, Scout!

I have to say, my first impression of my sweet little dog's haircut was not a good one. Of course I was glad he lost a few pounds (of hair) and was clean, but he looked more "poodle-ish" to me...and when I say "poodle-ish" I don't mean the cute little poodle you see your neighbor walking down the street. He looked more like the kind of poodle you see in a dog show. I know what you are probably thinking, what is the problem?! I don't really know. I just wanted him to look like the dog I had taken in and it turns out a trip to the groomer does not necessarily mean he comes out looking cuter. Who knew?

Well, the long awaited photo it here. I know, still as cute as ever, but just different. I can't wait for his hair to grow and I am especially excited to get him wet and let his hair curl back to normal.

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