Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do-It-Yourself!? Not A Chance...

We have the absolute nicest neighbors/ex-owners of our house! This pictures truly says it all!

...and if the picture doesn't say enough, I am here to fill in all the missing details!

One afternoon, John and I had noticed white fluffy stuffy all over our yard. We looked at it and kind of thought for a while that it looked like dryer lent, so we didn't really do anything about it because to be honest we thought it was the neighbors. Boy, were we wrong! Long story short, it turned out we had a hole in the side of our house the size of a baseball and the birds were pulling insulation out of the hole to make their pretty little house! The nerve of those birds!

Well, if you know John and I very well, you know that while we love the idea of being "do-it-yourselfers" (or I do), we are actually the farthest things from that! We try but it seems every attempt to do something the right way turns out to flop. John is actually much better at the attempts than I but still we struggle together. So imagine, two very capable, but unversed in siding repair, people trying to fix a hole in the side of their house with no ladder and a camera! That is where I really come in! (I love photographing the story of our life!) Anyway, we didn't get very far. So we decided to ask our wonderful neighbor, Irv, to borrow his ladder.

Irv, being one of the most friendly people you will ever meet, brought over his ladder and took a look at the hole himself. When he saw the hole and what we had planned to use to fix the hole, he said, "I will be right back. Don't do anything." He returned with hammer, nails, insulation, the EXACT siding that matched our house, and other "siding fixing tools" that apparently you need to do this kind of job. He climbed to the top of the ladder himself and didn't look down until he had fixed the hole (and a couple of other lose pieces of siding). It literally looked like brand new! We couldn't even tell where the hole was anymore.

He saved our life that day (actually he saved John's life; I was tired of seeing that insulation getting picked out of the house and landing in our yard)! Enough said.

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