Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Bold Faith

There is nothing sweeter than spending time with your best friends. I literally have 5 of the very best friends in the entire world. We laugh together, cry together, and no matter how far apart from each other we live, we never miss a beat once we are all in the same room together. This weekend we had a small "reunion" (we like to call them) in Memphis. We made the trip to see Lynnlee and celebrate her life with Jackie and Josh at her baby shower.

There are not words to express the love that was shown for that sweet baby girl in those two short hours. ...Let's just say she is set for awhile in the clothing department! She has more monkey outfits than Jackie will know what to do with! Here is one of my favorites! I can't wait to see her in that outfit!

While we were in Memphis, Lynnlee had a rough couple of days. She has had her ups and downs but this past weekend was one of the hardest for Josh and Jackie. It was during this critical time that I realized that God chose the two of them for a very specific reason. If for nothing else, I believe He is using their boldness to speak to the doctors and nurses in both of the hospitals Lynnlee has been in over the course of the past three months. Lynnlee's life along with Jackie and Josh's faith is a testimony to God's unfailing love. His desire for our lives is much more than we could ever imagine and Josh and Jackie are faithful in this moment to show others Christ's love. While Jackie and Josh have always been grounded in their faith, their daughter has helped confirm God's purpose for this specific time in their lives. He has called them to help transform hearts in the hospitals of Memphis.

The time that I could spend with Jackie and Josh was precious. Our friendship is everything you would want a friendship to be; a place where you can laugh when you are sad, and cry when you are happy. This weekend we laughed, cried, and praised God for his sovereignty.

I thought I would share this one example of a time this weekend when we laughed so hard our faces hurt! Cathy always knows how to have a good time! Fresh bang wash anyone?

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