Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Real "Royal Wedding"

Martha and Kyle got married this weekend and it was beautiful!

The trip started early Saturday morning. I woke up at 4:00 AM and was on the road by 5:00 AM! Seeing best friends and witnessing a wedding made the early hour really worth it later that day! If you know me I tend to get sleepy on road trips, but thanks to Bob I had three brand new CDs to listen to on my drive (I know, it sounds like I stepped back into the 90s, but it was easier than downloaded them to my computer and then syncing my phone!) The trip went smoothly and I arrived in Nashville 5 hours or so later. This was a sign sight for sore eyes!

Tennessee Welcome Sign! I loved seeing this!!

We spent the morning at a bridal luncheon for sweet Martha. Everything was phenomenal and looked perfect. Kyle's sisters really made it a special time for everyone to fellowship in their home. Once lunch was over Ashley and I made a quick stop in Target. (I obviously can't go anywhere without checking out the local Target. I know, it's crazy!) Anyway, we were able to spend some good quality time together and just catch up a little.

The afternoon escaped us and we had to quickly get ready for the wedding. Funny how you can almost be late to something you were waiting all day for...but put Ashley and I together and that is exactly what will happen! Once we arrived at the wedding, we found the rest of the clan and enjoyed our view from the front row.

Ashley, Katie, and Jackie enjoying their front row seats

The gathering for Martha's Big Day

Side Note: Kyle and Martha had this pictures of a bare tree (that Martha drew) for everyone to stamp with their thumb print and sign as their guest book as they walked in. Amazing idea!

Guest Book

The mother of the bride (so precious) didn't want us sitting in the back, so we shared the pew with her and the rest of the family as we all watched with (happy) tear filled eyes.

Kyle awaiting his bride

Martha being presented to the groom by her dad

The wedding was referred to as "the royal wedding" by the minister, which of course we all agreed with and Kyle and Martha were finally husband and wife! Once they were official we enjoyed a truly amazing night full of laughing and dancing. We ate tacos and drank watermelon juice (I am sure they had a much more "proper" name for the watermelon juice but I can't remember it). Overall it was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere with not one detail forgotten. It was very "Martha" (which is a good thing)...

The taco truck that made amazing tacos!! (This is a favorite of the bride and groom)

I could have eaten about 10 of those things!

The decorations matched the venue and pulled everything together.

The reception filled with happy people for Kyle and Martha!

Trish, Katie, and Kory enjoying their tacos and the beautiful night!

This will be a wedding we will not forget. It was a time for a very special group of friends to reunite, reminisce, and most importantly celebrate with a very dear friend.

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