Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Project #1

I am not really sure you can call this a "summer project" but it really has been on the list of "stuff I will do when I have time to breath..." and while school is still in session I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel and I couldn't be happier to have some time to do something besides school!

So the story goes, when we moved into our house we put blinds in all the rooms so that our sweet and very friendly neighbors could not see in! With that being said, enter project #1...I needed desperately to take out the extra slats in the blinds so that they look like they actually fit the windows we bought them for.

Yesterday afternoon I did indeed take out those extra slats and the finished project just looks more finished. Who knew!? I will never again have to look at the horrible, too long looking blinds. I was very excited!

Small side note: I also recently found two very unique candle holders at a garage sale. I had been out running and decided to "run" down a street that from the sign promised "multi-family" sales. I couldn't really go wrong. So, before I continue you should know that I have two pictures from our apartment that I recently found fit perfectly in our dining room and I wanted to add something to spice it up a little bit. While perusing the sales I found these really neat candle holders. I immediately bargained a few dollars out of the owner and took them home for my own. It really was a steal. I was able to buy both rod iron candle holders and two round cream candles for a grand total of $7.00! Cha-Chinggggg (as my sister and I would say!) Once I got home I put them up almost immediately and I didn't instantly love them. I was not doing the Cha-Ching dance and I really wanted to!! But I gave it a day or two (which is not in my nature) and they have actually grown on me. (You might need to come back and visit this post again...they will grow on you too...)

I really like them and they add just a little extra uniqueness to that room. If I could only afford some curtains. I have my eye on these...and as soon as I get up the courage to spend $$ on them I will post pictures of that as well.

Summer Project #2 is on its way...get excited people!

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