Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

I work with three of the most amazing teachers in the entire world! I came on board the second grade team at Crossroads three years ago. Since that time my team has influenced my life in so many incredible ways.

In honor of teacher appreciation week I made them a small gift to show them how much I care about them and look up to them. I found a sign that another teacher had created to resemble a subway sign. I loved it and decided to frame it and give one to each of the girls. Here is a picture of the framed sign.

As I thought about each of my team members I could pick out very unqiue qualities that they individually contribute to our team. Here is a little tribute to each of you girls!


She is a teacher you want your child to have. You can see her heart in her teaching 100% of the time. While she has a little girl at home and another little one on the way, she continues to amaze me! She is dedicated and always puts others first in everything she does. Her students love her!

She is also a great teacher! If you walk into her classroom you would see a teacher that communicates with her students in an incredibly patient way. She talks to her students as if they are her own children. The students look up to her and she also has a classroom full of students that adore her.

She is the third teacher on my team that teaches right across the hall from me (which at times means we are inseparable). She is innovative, creative, dedicated, and passionate about her job and her students. We met when I first came to Northern Kentucky and got a job in Campbell County. From the day we met we managed to become fast friends. I look up to Lacy and see myself teaching across the hall from her for a long time.

These three colleagues have become my friends. We work together but more importantly we support each other and invest time in each other's lives. I appreciate them as teachers but more importantly I appreciate their friendship!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to all you other teachers out there too!

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