Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer, Where Are You Going?

Dear Summer,

Please don't go! If you go, this thing we like to call the "black hole" will soon take over my life! Actually the "black hole" has already begun taking over {ALL} my free time, at least for the past couple of days.

I walked in for just a MINUTE (I promise) to grab something and it looked like was screaming my needed my wanted me to stay...I couldn't help it...

So it quickly went from this {see above} to a little better. Ha, you thought I was going to show you a new and improved picture. I wouldn't dare! I don't think you would believe the way it looks (still very incomplete) after 15 very long hours in two days. So maybe in a future post I can show the more complete and finished product that is my "black hole."

I will show just one thing that was completed with success (thanks to my husband and a little bit of craftiness on the computer). I have a new found love in my classroom (aside from my students of course).

I know you are shocked that it has something to do with being organized. I just can't help it! Next to teaching, it is my passion. Oh, how I would love to get my hands on some other classrooms in my building, but I must stay in my hole so that you (Summer) don't disappear before my eyes!

Maybe you could make a mess at the pool so I have something to be excited about there!

Tomorrow must be a pool day. I need a friend to call and insist that I go with her! Seriously...


Casey (aka Mrs. Gesenhues)

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