Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I have been waiting for my new pink sparkly Toms for a long time (...since our anniversary as a matter of fact...)!!

John knew I had been eyeing those pink sparkly things for some time, so on our anniversary he stopped into Nordstrom to bring home what I just knew was going to be my new favorite pair of shoes. When he got home that day he walked in with a huge smile on his face and said, "Do you want your gift?"

I returned his sweet smile with one of my own and said, "Of course!"

He then proceeded to tell me a very long and detailed story about his purchase that ended with him handing me a gift card. I am sure he saw my shoulders slump just a little, but when I learned he had purchased the shoes with the gift card and they should be arriving in a few days in the mail my excitement grew. I think that the wait actually made me even more anxious about my new shoes.

But that is when it started...I waited and I waited and I waited long past the time they promised they would be here. It had been over two weeks when I finally broke down and called the Nordstrom Shoe Department.

After an extremely LONG talk with a manager he assured me that my once "lost" Toms were on there way, again. So, I waited and I waited and finally they arrived. I immediately tore open the box and put them on. {They seemed a little snug.} I glanced at the box and realized they were a half size too small...which meant the wait had to continue.

I finally had an opportunity (after completing hours upon hours of homework today) to take my shoes back to the store to get the size exchanged. When I arrived, what do you think they said? You are exactly right, the size I needed was out of stock and it would take 6-10 weeks to get another shipment into the store.

I thought through my options. If I waited much longer I would run out of prime Tom wearing weather and I really wanted to share these fun shoes with the world so I decided to look around. After explaining my story I told the salesperson that I would like to see ANY style they had in my size. She went to the back and brought three pairs of shoes back to me. She had a huge smile on her face and suddenly I got really excited about my new options.

This is what she had found. A style of Toms they sold out of in 4 days. There was one left and it was my size. She was shocked that she had found it under another pair in the back room. I love them. I guess it was worth the wait.

By the way, I will be sporting these tomorrow while wearing my pajamas and sitting at the computer where I will be finishing up my three summer classes. I can't wait for Friday when all this nonsense is over with for the summer!

Hopefully I will get to show them off to someone in the real world soon (aside from my sweet dog of course)...keep your eyes on the look out!

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