Monday, July 11, 2011


At 6:00 AM this morning we packed the cars and took off down I-65. We traveled 2 1/2 hours and made our way into Cave City, Kentucky. We had reservations to zip-line as a family. When we arrived at 8:30 (which turned out to be 7:30 their time) we drove up to an empty "barn." We arrived so early they were not even open yet. I guess we were just overly anxious!? When the crew finally arrived we waited patiently for our tour to begin after they checked the course and helped us gear up.

John, Philip, Dad, and I were learned the ins and outs of the harness and walked onto the course with no worries. My mom and Kari stayed back. Mom had "bigger fish to fry" a little later today.

We were getting geared up for our tour and listening carefully to all of the instructions.

He showed us how to tighten everything that was attached to us so that we wouldn't fall out of the trees and hurt something! I felt so dangerous just for a moment...

Mom and Dad before our zip-line tour.

Kari and Philip before our zip-line tour.

The tour was awesome. We zip-lined at 40 miles per hour and close to 80 feet above the ground. It was a rush and so much fun to feel like you are flying through the trees.

Our next adventure took us to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. To preface this excursion I must tell you my mom has wanted to sky dive for as long as I can remember. Last year for her 50th birthday my dad gifted her a tandem jump at Skydive Kentucky! She was so excited and was finally able to take advantage of her summer break and the 117 degree heat index. What better way to keep cool than free falling through the air!? Here are a few pictures and a video of her incredible experience. When she finished she was telling us about her favorite part and said, "Next time..." I love it! I have such a brave mom! I think next time I will go with her!

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