Saturday, August 20, 2011

68% Savings

Have you ever watched Extreme Couponing on TLC?

I have watched it a couple of time and every time I am completely amazed at their savings. While I am no where near the level of those people (and their 99% savings) I do look at my receipts when I use coupons and I try to beat my savings each time (kind of a random nerdy obsession...).

So anyway, tonight I had a 68% savings! Great, huh!?

Well you should probably hold your applause because when I tell you what I bought you may not be very excited. I purchased a gallon of ice cream and a dog bone. I know...I kind of cheated. John and I decided to rent a movie (to watch on our new couch...more on that later) and while I was there I decided not to pass up the opportunity to get something sweet. So I used a $2.00 off my entire order coupon from my last trip to the grocery and $0.60 off Private Selection ice cream that then doubled up to a dollar (adding $0.40 to my savings). Once I added the $1.00 dog bone my grand total was $2.15! Pretty impressive, right?!

Well it may not be as "extreme" as those coupon people on t.v. but it made cork board inside of my cabinet holding the title for the highest percentage saved while using coupons.

I was excited...

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