Sunday, August 7, 2011

DIY First

I am not crafty. I try to be, but I am not. There is not a bone in my body that is creative or innovative. I just copy things well. So with that being said, I obviously love Pinterest (see my last post here) and it seems that I am finally getting the courage to try out some of the things I have been "pinning."

The project that I tackled tonight (since John is out of town again for a golf tournament) is what I like to call "The Crate Throne." In other words I made a seat out of a crate. It will become the special seat for my "Fresh Catch" in my classroom. Our "fresh catch" is a student that is honored for a week, kind of like a student of the week. This student will be given the privilege of sitting on the "Crate Throne" anytime we sit at the carpet. I also plan to use the crate to store new books that I purchase that are not yet labeled for the shelves. This was my inspiration...

Here are the steps to this VERY SIMPLE DIY "Crate Throne"

1. I gathered my supplies. I needed crate from Walmart, 12 X15 piece of plywood from Lowe's, 1/2 yard of your favorite fabric (I found a fun red polka dot fabric at Walmart), staple gun, staples, ribbon, and foam from Walmart.

2. I started at Lowe's where I found a piece of plywood for $7.00 that could be cut to the perfect size. Once I found the wood I asked for assistance in measuring and cutting. I made sure to bring in my crate so that the measurements would be accurate.

3. Once I had purchased the rest of my supplies from Walmart I raced home to get started. I laid out the foam and measured it against the board that I had cut from Lowe's. Then I cut the foam to the correct size.

4. Once the foam had been cut I laid out the fabric on the floor and measured and cut the fabric so that there was about an inch around the edge that I could staple to the board. I stapled the fabric making sure to pull it tight.

5. Then I added a ribbon around the middle to create a sort of handle for the kids to use when they need to get into the crate to fish out their favorite new book.

6. The last step is to place the covered board on top of the crate, making a beautiful "throne" for my sweet student of the week. I love it!

Side Note: I found these super cute bean bags at a garage sale this weekend! I bought 4 for $6! It doesn't get much better than that! And the best part, you can unzip the fabric and take the bean bag off for easy cleaning.

I washed them today (they look brand new) and I already found a perfect spot for them in my classroom.

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  1. I saw these crate seats and thought they were perfect for a classroom! I need to get started trying to actually DO some of the hundreds of things I've pinned! Great job!


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