Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life with Two

This weekend was so much fun and for so many reasons. It was a jam packed weekend (so packed I am updating the blog to avoid the mess that is my house) but it was so worth being completely worn out and not prepared for school, now that all is said and done!

Here is a quick overview of the events we participated in beginning Friday night. We went to the Festival of Lights with my sister and her husband, crashed game night at the Clinkenbeards, cheered on the Cats at Rupp Arena (Correction: I cheered on the Cats while Johnny pouted about UNC), went bowling and had Orange Leaf (yum!), spent the morning at church, and then the afternoon watching the Bengals game.

Overall, we had a great weekend and enjoyed time with so many of our favorite people!

Kari and I after dinner at Quiznos. (You can't tell in this picture but her belly is growing!!)

We finally made it to the zoo and enjoyed very small crowds and perfect weather!

This sweet picture of my rear was supposed to be of the front of us! Thanks Kari!

Philip and Johnny posing near a Gingerbread House! Too funny!

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