Monday, January 16, 2012


I was blessed beyond words when I completed the 27 random acts of kindness for my birthday. It was something that had consumed my thoughts for a long time prior to my birthday and when the time finally came I knew it was something I needed to do. God placed it on my heart for a reason and I knew that feeling would not go away until I surrendered to His will.

While the entire day (and part of the next day) was completely inspiring it was also a little bit intimidating and uncomfortable. We never knew how people would respond or if we would be able to complete some of the projects, but we quickly learned that God uses us when we step out in faith. Regardless of the responses we got from the recipients of our acts we were able to smile and know that our motive was pure and we possibly planted a seed of hope for some of the people that we came in contact with that day. I can say for everyone involved it was NOT about us. It was about being a servant because God calls us to be his hands and feet.

Abraham is a model of faith. He is someone I look up to in the Bible and strive to be like. God said to Abraham, in Genesis 12:1, "...Leave your country, your people, and your father's household and go to the land I will show you." In other words Abraham was asked to leave everything that made him comfortable. His response, "So Abram left, as the Lord had told him."

I obviously did not leave my home in the same way Abram left his home, but I stepped out of my comfort zone.

It is comfortable to receive gifts on your birthday. It is comfortable to go eat dinner with your family. It is comfortable to have people remember you and feel special when they call.

It is uncomfortable to goes against the grain. It is uncomfortable to say to your family and friends, "I would rather you go with me to complete these random acts of kindness than go to dinner." It is uncomfortable asking people to donate money for the cause rather than buy a gift.

While all these things may be uncomfortable in the moment I can promise you it is well worth being uncomfortable or feeling different. It was something I will never forget. I thank God for giving me an example in Abraham and allowing me to heed His call. And while it was not about me, I feel I grew more in that day than I have in a long time. It just makes your heart happy. Try it!

Side Note: One of my former students (and friend's daughter), Gracie Mann, decided to do the same thing for her birthday. She turns 9 tomorrow and spent her day off today serving others all over the city with her 9 acts of kindness. I am proud of her and her big heart! Thanks for letting me help today Gracie. I was honored to be apart of your birthday.

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