Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Technology Tuesday

While this isn't going to be a weekly post, I was having a conversation with someone today about technology and wanted to share some thoughts. If you know me, you know that one of the things in my classroom that I am most passionate about is my students becoming proficient in technology. This is not because I think that reading and writing should take a back seat by any means, but I do believe this is a huge part of our future and our students should know and be aware of the ever changing trends.

With that being said, I was looking up new and unique ways to easily incorporate technology in your classroom on google. Don't bother trying the search, because there was absolutely nothing unique or simple that popped up. So I decided to make my own list for anyone that wants to try one of these ideas out.

1. Blogging

My students blog weekly on kidblog.org through their student account they write and collaborate with their peers. They are also learning to insert hyperlinks, pictures, and videos to jazz up their writing.

2. Storybird

Storybird.com is where my students log into an account created for our classroom to create their own stories. They first choose artwork from the selection available online and then they begin writing. They can use a story already created or they can adlib once they make their way online and choose their artwork.

3. Buzzer App

Do you have an iPad? Download the buzzer app! It is simple and has absolutely no educational value but it's what you use it for that makes it so great. During math a lot of time I ask the students quick questions to get their brains working. This week our focus is money and different coins that equal the same amount. So I pulled out three iPads and my students in their table groups competed against each other with the buzzer. I asked easy questions like, "How many nickels are in a quarter?"

4. Prezi or PowerPoint?

Yes, prezi is very similar to powerpoint but the students enjoy "hiding" things in their presentations. This presentation program allows students to make something that showcases their creativity while incorporating all the basic necessities of powerpoint.

5. TellPic App

This app is available for the iPad as well and allows students to take a picture and then record their voice behind the picture. Students in my classroom use this app a lot! They take pictures of illustrations in their books and retell stories. They also take a picture of their work in their math journals and explain how they got their answer. Great way to get them thinking!

6. Twitter

Creating a class account is super simple! Twitter has become an outlet for my students to talk to "the world" about their favorite parts of the day and also tell a few things they learned during the day. Reflecting is important and this makes it easy. They don't need to write a book, just a sentence or two.

These are just a few ideas that may not include anything you haven't heard before but they are some of our favorites and they are easy to try! Enjoy!

Already my mind is racing with millions of other ideas...more posts to come!

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