Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cribs "R" Us

One of the most exciting things we are working on in our home these days is the nursery!  We recently got our cribs that we ordered from Babies-R-Us.  We didn't wait ONE SINGLE moment to put them together.  Johnny started the chore of building not one but TWO cribs to fill the empty space in our house that has been begging for these pieces.

Here is a little bit of the back story.  Johnny and I drove together to pick up the furniture at Babies-R-Us and found out quickly that our two very large packages were not going to fit in John's mom's car.  I guess {two cribs} are a little bit bigger than we anticipated so we stopped and thought for a minute.  Our only solution...take everything out of the box.  This was a little disappointing because I just knew that meant before we made it home something was going to be scratched.  I wanted everything to be perfect so the entire ordeal made me a little nervous.  Here are a few pictures I snapped before John gave me the evil eye and told me "People do not take pictures of themselves picking up their cribs..."

Once everything was finally inside the car we drove through one of my favorite places for lunch (Chick-fil-A) and then hurried home to get started.  At least Johnny was able to carry in all the pieces by himself (since they were no longer in one big box).  This is a picture of my BIG 'OLE BELLY as Johnny so lovingly refers to it now a days...seeing this picture you know that I didn't do a whole lot of "helping" as much as I did "supervising."  I think we were both OK with that in the long run and everything turned out beautifully, with not one single scratch.  

I chose an espresso brown color for both the beds.  I was hesitant about the color because I had always envisioned a bright white nursery for my little ones but I think in the long run this is going to suit them both very well and it ended up making the bedding that we chose look perfect in the room!  Johnny and Scout were worn out once we finished the bed construction but what they didn't know was we had one more errand to run!  

I mentioned earlier a dresser...well I had searched and searched for something to use in place of a changing table.  I wanted a long dresser that would have plenty of storage for both babies and eventually be something one of them used in the future.  We looked at several antique stores, garage sales, and curbs (Yes, I said curbs) for something that would work.  We were having absolutely no luck and while I feel great I have my moments of complete meltdown mode when my belly and back are sore to touch and I think I can't possibly move my finger much less find, drag home, clean, and refinish a piece of old furniture.  So we splurged and bought the matching dresser that night.  Johnny called Babies-R-Us and asked if they had the piece in stock.  They said, "Yes!" So back to Babies-R-Us we went!  Seeing it in the room now we know we made the right decision.  It fits the wall by the door perfectly and it looks so good with the two matching cribs.

The furniture is finally in...and now on to MY part...the finishing touches!  We need pictures, curtains, and so many other things to make this nursery the perfect place for the twins to sleep and call home in just a few short weeks.  I have a few things up my sleeve that I will have to tell you more about later.   Here are a few sneak peeks!  


  1. Love your nursery, pictures and story. You look so cute.

  2. Thanks Janet! You are sweet! I'm glad someone reads my blog! :)


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