Friday, February 15, 2013

Feature Friday

I started "Life on Grand" to update my family and friends about what is going on in our home on Grand Avenue as we started (and sometimes finished) projects in our new home.  I thought I was busy then...

In the past six months life has obviously changed dramatically!  On Valentine's Day last year we had our first ultrasound to confirm that we were in fact having twins and we spent the next 33 weeks and 1 day preparing for our two bundles of joy!  While my posts will continue to be an update on the babies (and a few projects here and there) I have decided I am also going to post about some of our favorite things.  These posts will be more for me because I don't want to forget and I want to be able to share some of our favorite things (that saved our lives...literally at times) with friends that go through some of the same experiences that we have.  Whether its with twins or just one sweet baby, everyone (including myself) needs a "go to" toy, product, or outfit every now and then.  So here goes my first "Feature Friday."

This weekend we are going to Lexington to visit our sweet niece Kiley for her birthday party.  More on that special day later.  For now I want to share something that has entertained our six month old babies for hours.  We no longer leave home without them and this weekend will be no exception!  Sweet friends of our family, Mayme and Brian Amerine, gave us two of these for the twins.  They told us that their grandson loved it and that's all we needed to give it a try when the babies started reaching for things.  It is the Oball Infant Toy.  You can find it at Target among many other places.  The special thing about this toy is that those sweet little baby fingers can grab it, no problem.  The holes are perfect for them to hold onto or stick their tongue through (if you're name is Macy).  There is not much to it and the best part, they are only $4.99!  For the entertainment they provide, I promise they are worth a mere $5.  So check it out!  It's our favorite on this "Feature Friday!"

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