Monday, February 25, 2013

First Basketball Game

The twins went to their first basketball game this past Sunday.  Alicia and I decided to take them to watch the boys play at the YMCA in town.  It sounds easy, right?  Just take the twins to the basketball game...

Well, here is a quick run down of what has to happen in order to leave the house.  Here goes our "get out of the house" quick list. 

1. The babies wake up from their third nap of the day at 5:00.  They wake up talking to one another (aka babbling) which I love listening to everyday right around this time.
2. John and I make our way upstairs to get them out of bed.  Everyone gets their diaper changed before dinner (I hate when they sit in dirty diapers while they eat) and then we go downstairs.

3. We warm their bottles one at a time and the babies eat dinner (their second to last bottle of the night) right around 5:00.  Keep in mind they are eating about 6 ounces and have to be burped every 2 ounces!  This takes a little bit of time.

4.  We then go back upstairs, change their clothes, and PRAY that they don't spit up on them. 

5. Once both babies are changed we gather all the things we could possibly need for the next little bit while we are gone (diapers, wipes, teethers, change of clothes, changing pad, toys, etc).

6. I put everything in their diaper bag and then begin the car seat process.  Yes, it is a process.  Neither of them really enjoy just sitting in their seats unless we are moving so that is not the time to talk and play, we just get them in and buckled as quickly as possible.  (Did I mention Macy has learned how to "raise her voice?")

7. Once I start putting the babies in car seats it never fails that someone either needs a new diaper or new outfit (and sometimes both for both babies...sometimes it feels like deja vu).

8.  Once everyone is in their seat I take all the "extra things" including my purse and diaper bag to the car before I take the babies out.

9. Finally I take the babies to the car (at the same time).  Let's just say the weight gain has been hard on the arms...

10. And finally we are set to go!

Sound easy?   It actually has become sort of normal and while five months ago you may have seen me a bit frazzled, now it's really no big deal.  I never thought I would be able to say that.

Thank goodness Alicia was willing to carry Macy into the Y and hold her during the game!  I haven't quite figured out the carrying two six month olds into a gym to watch their dad and uncle play basketball move.  Actually, I feel blessed that I will never have to learn how to do that because so many people love the twins and are willing to help us anytime we need them.  Thanks Aunt Alicia. 


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