Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shh...Shh...Shh Baby

Shh...Shh...Shh Baby...

I hear this several times a day when Johnny or Macy here me say, "Shh..." when they are being loud.  They associate this with baby Charlie because as we prepared for his arrival that is who we told them they needed to be quiet for in restaurants when they were screaming or at bedtime when they needed to sleep.  He was always "sleeping" in my belly.  It worked and now they continue as if he is still here.  If I say, "Shh...time for bed..."  They follow with "Shh...Shh...Shh Baby..." or "Shh...Shh... Shh Charlie..."  It makes my heart melt.

I so long to hear his name and almost every night since Charlie went to heaven I get to hear Macy and Johnny say his name or in some small way remember him with me.  We pray for him too.  Each night we thank God for giving us Charlie, even if it was just for 17 short days.    

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