Monday, August 11, 2014

Say Amen

Today was challenging.  It was a hurdle I needed to overcome...

It may not seem like much but I went to school and sat through a meeting.  One minute, one hour, one day at a time, right?  I wanted to go, I wanted to see people, even if it was just for an hour.  This may seem strange to some of you but I am one of those people that loves school.  I love my students.  I love teaching.  I especially love a fresh start at the beginning of the year with new students.   Today I was actually anxious to do something that used to be apart of my normal.

"This life is a journey, we walk by faith.  There will always be the mountains in our way..."

I was doing well until we finished a team building activity with a video about geese.  I know, sounds crazy that geese made my eyes well up but let me explain...the video showed that geese fly in a "V" in order to help each other go 71% further than they could alone.  It explained that the birds take turns being the leader and encourage one another by honking when they are not in the front.  I thought during the entire video, could God have put this intense need to go to this meeting on my heart because he wanted me to know that I cannot do this alone?  When I want to be alone at home, could he be trying to remind me through this one little tiny part of our faculty meeting that I need people?

"If there is anyone here whose found him faithful, anybody here who knows he able, say amen."

How can people survive this world without faith in something greater than our sorrow and our anger and our guilt?  I made it through the meeting today and I even did a few things in my classroom.  I did it and while I may not be completely ready to just jump back in it felt good to know that I still love it and eventually I will be able to go to school and teach my students and come home and love on my babies.  All because God is good.  He will eventually let me find joy in the middle of this sorrow.    

"Child of God remember, the battle is the Lord's..." 

Say Amen 


  1. Thank you for sharing. Your story is impacting so many. Continuing to pray for you daily.


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