Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Charlie's Book

I will never forget all that happened with Charlie and while sometimes I can't even look at his picture without crying the memories in this book will remind me of God's all sufficient grace and power in the brightest and darkest of days.  


  1. What a precious keepsake for your family. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. Charlie was beautiful and his big eyes in the one picture were my favorite. I can't image how your heart aches and yearns for him. It is a horrific nightmare. I pray for you and your family as this is hands down the most tragic time in your life. I am

  2. Thankful for the hope you have in Jesus. You will never forget Charley, nor will anyone else being touched by your story and example of faith, but I pray Jesus' light gets brighter and dims the daily sorrow that your family feels over time. Continuing to pray for you.

  3. what a special book. thanks for sharing it with us. Charlie had such a special Mom and family.


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