Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Cards

I am trying really hard to be ready for what is coming so stress along side my grief do not get the best of me.  So in an effort to get things checked off my to do list I have been looking at Christmas cards.  I saw one that I loved on Shutterfly and started "personalizing" it.  It asked for our last name and then the members of our family.  I am sitting here staring at the screen.  What do I write?  Do I write Charlie's name on our card?  He is obviously a really important part of our family but I am not really sure what to do about these cards.  It feels wrong not to include him but I know he's not really here either.  These are the realities I experience every single day.


  1. You absolutely include him, Casey. He will always be a part of your family. He will always be your son and the twin's baby brother. This year is the year he came into your family, touched the lives of many, was a witness of faith to several families that prayed for you all. He is special and important and every single person you send a Christmas card to knows that. Praying for your family daily.

  2. Casey,

    I saw family pictures on a photography blog where a member of the family was holding a string with a blue balloon. It turns out the family lost a son and this is how they kept him a part of their family pictures. I thought that was a really special way to remember him.


  3. That is our idea too! I love it and we did it this past weekend when we had pictures taken! A white balloon for our Charlie! Thank you!!


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