Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Little BIG People

Today when I came home from school I looked at the twins and all the sudden they were their own little BIG people.  Both of them were putting on their jackets to go outside and they explained exactly what they were doing.  "Mommy, jackets on.  Go outside."  They have figured it out.  They have finally learned that they can put full sentences together to express to someone what they do or do not want.  They also understand and listen (for the most part) to what I am saying.  I explained to the both of them that I needed to change my clothes and then I would go outside with them and play.  Johnny said, "OK mommy. No problem." and waited by the door while I did just that.  

Today this mom thing, I have it figured out.  (Please don't ask me tomorrow...) 

Once we made our way outside I decided to take them with me on my three mile run while John was teaching chess club at school.  I didn't want to have to go later in the evening and since it was so nice outside I decided to go for it.  I am going to go ahead and admit right now that was probably the worst idea I have had all day.  My arms started feeling like jello two minutes into our "run." 

But the part of this excursion I never want to forget is how the twins really understood what I told them when I said, "Mommy wants to keep going for three miles.  If I stop I want you to say, 'Keep going mommy!'"  And being the little BIG people that they suddenly are they did just that.  The first time I heard it I laughed.  Then I just smiled because their personalities are unfolding before my eyes.  I get to witness their lives take shape.  I get to watch them learn.  What a blessing! 

The very first part of the run was uphill.  My absolute worst nightmare when I run by the way.  If I could run on a flat country road for the rest of my life I would be completely content to never stop, but I live in Fort Thomas and that will never happen again as long as I live.  So as I slowed down to a stop (not even a fourth of a mile in) Johnny yelled, "Don't stop mommy!  Hurry up!  Go faster!"  It was that sweet little voice of encouragement that motivated me to run continuously for close to three miles.  Yes, I say close to three miles because pushing 60 pounds and a stroller is a lot harder than one may think.  I am counting the two and a half miles tonight for six.  I may even say more like ten miles tomorrow if you ask and I can't lift a pencil.      

The run ended with a cheer when they spotted their daddy in the driveway.  They were especially excited when we decided on our usual for dinner; Skyline.  When we arrived they waved to our waitress, walked right to our table, and they asked the waitress for their drink.  Johnny chose milk and Macy water and finished their request with "please".  They asked for their food by name, ate literally all of it, and sat patiently while we all finished eating and talking.  Baths and books ended our evening and we are all smiling now as we lay in bed.  

Maybe it was the weather?  Maybe it was a blessing from God?  Maybe a little bit of both.  Whatever it was I am grateful and so excited to continue to watch Macy and Johnny explore and learn new things as they grow into even bigger people.        

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