Friday, February 20, 2015

It Won't Get Better

I remember a time after Charlie's funeral that I needed something.  While realizing all I could do was cry and literally sit and stare into emptiness I also needed to be normal for a minute at a time so that I knew there was still a person inside me.  I needed to know that the empty that I mentioned wasn't going to be there forever.

People told me "it" would get better with time and to be honest it doesn't.  Whomever says that has never lost their child.  It is still as awful as it was the day it happened.  Other things comes back to you and other emotions creep in but that feeling of sadness does not go away.

It is near impossible to lose a part of yourself.  We did though.  We lost a big part of us when Charlie died.  We lost someone we can never have back here on earth.  I just wish those people that said, "It will get better." were right.   

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