Sunday, February 22, 2015

Am I a Bad Mom or... it par for everyone's course for your kids to just stay in their jammies all day only to change after a bath into a new pair of pjs?  This is most certainly a rhetorical question.  Please don't answer if it's not the norm every once in awhile in your home. 

Admittedly, today was one of those days.  When we woke up this morning Johnny was running a low grade fever so we stayed home from church.  He is the most sweet and also the most sensitive boy when he doesn't feel good.  Anything I say to him he answers with "OK" in this most pitiful sounding voice.

"I'll get you some milk..."

"Let's snuggle for a bit and watch a movie..."

"Here is your car, if you want to hold it."


I have to also note that I have a pretty good handle on my ability to not fly off the handle when someone gets a runny nose around here.  I am getting better.  So much better.  I am realizing my ability to protect my children only extends so far and of course I do everything in my power to make sure I walk over that edge to do what I can to protect them but I put my trust in the Lord and let Him carry all of us the rest of the way.  This morning when John and I talked about it we very calmy agreed we should stay home from church to keep everyone else in Kid's Club from getting sick and lay low at home.  Note: I also become a bad parent when my kids are sick because I know when I am sick all I want to do is lay around and watch t.v. so that's what we do.  Johnny got to choose what we watched and we became the most lazy family on the block.  I'm actually fine with that today.  Some days we all need a little more grace than ususal. 

So now getting to my point; John and Macy did not change out of their pjs until I just bathed them and put on fresh pjs.  Ok, Ok, I lied. John just got a bath and fresh jammies but actually if I'm being honest, Macy just went to Kroger with John in her pajamas (covered by her coat of course...).  I put jeans on her so she didn't look like a total bum.  But yes, that how we rolled today. 

I'm really good with it all I think, so I'll answer my own question.  I'm not a bad mom just a tired mom that thinks jammies all day is perfectly normal and absolutely necessary sometimes. 

Can I get an amen!?


  1. There are many days we don't get our of PJs! Especially sick days! Sometimes those days are the best!

  2. Amen!!! That's what we've done for days with all these snow days!! Soak up those home moments where you get to just relax and snuggle with your little ones. Those days are fleeting in lives that are always go, go, go! Enjoy those all day pjs days!


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