Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Broken Record

I sound like a broken record.  I know I do.  But this record is for me and for my memory so I won't apologize.

Macy has been sick.  Ugh, I know, it seems like it just creeps around behind us and jumps out at us when we are finally all healthy for another round of fun.  Anyway, I really have a handle on my anxiety in these situations.  I have learned what I need to do in order to stay calm and keep reality in check.  So, we had what seemed like a 24 hour stomach bug.  It was bad.  But I was actually not doing "bad" until our 24 hour stomach bug continued through 36 hours and beyond.  Panic mode was setting in.  I have never seen a child get so sick so many times.  Bless her heart.  I held her and cleaned it up, bathed her, dressed her, and then hit the repeat button to play through the same motions again and again.  

This morning we went to the doctor to make sure that it was just a stomach bug.  As soon as I made the appointment she had eaten and kept down half a waffle and some crackers, far more than she had the previous 36 hours.  But of course, mom instinct would not back off so I kept the appointment and found out she did indeed have strep.  Thank God (literally) for that mom instinct.  We were able to get her a shot of penicillin and be on our way hopeful for a better day tomorrow.  

So the main reason I wrote this is because there was anxiety through it all (and there still is) but I made it.  It was and is small when it could have been big.  Keeping reality in check is necessary for me but more importantly than any of that, I know for a fact someone (or more than someone) was praying for me specifically today.  I felt it.           

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